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Modern Dating

Navigating modern dating can feel confusing, frustrating, and hopeless. With the abundance of options at the palm of our hand it may feel excruciating to not be able to find a good partner. You may feel like other's can start relationships so easily and there is something wrong with you because you can't figure it out. You are not alone! At Lone Wolf our team of therapists understand that online dating has created many opportunities and many issues in the modern dating world and seeking support is essential to starting successful relationships.

Finding Love With Dating Apps

You may be ready to throw in the towel on online dating, but it is the most common way to find love. The many options may feel daunting and stir feelings of "the grass is greener," However, it has never been easier to find a match near you. The stigma of online dating has greatly decreased over the past few years and the quality of these relationships are just as if not more satisfying than meeting someone in more traditional ways. 

Young couple meeting face to face after connecting online. Online dating does not have to be scary. In today's connected world it offers the perfect oportunity to connect with a variety of people. Learn to effectively navigate the online dating world with online dating coaching in Denver, CO.

Online dating coaching will help you choose the right dating applications, create profiles that attract the right matches, and help you navigate the common pitfalls of online dating. You should enjoy your dating experience and feel hopeful that finding a partner is an achievable goal. With your past relationship experience it may be more difficult for you to find a dating partner, our coaches will help you eliminate obstacles find the path towards love.

Negative Effects of Online Dating

Woman with her hands on her head sitting at her computer feeling overwhelmed by the online dating scene. Stepping into online dating can seem daunting. There are several things to consider that can have a negative impact on you. With online dating coaching in Denver, CO you can learn to recognize common problems and pitfalls of online dating.

Online dating provides more opportunities and access to dating partners, and this increase in opportunity comes with some negative side effects. In the last decade the landscape of dating has completely changed and it is was for those who participate in online dating to feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and hurt by some modern dating trends. 

Unreliability and Ghosting

One negative modern dating theme is flakiness. Have you ever been excited and invested in someone you are taking to online? You message them everyday for several weeks. You feel like you are finally making a connection in the sea of dating swipes. Then the day your first date is scheduled they unmatch you, stopped texting you back, and unfollowed you on social media. Sound familiar?


Potential dating partners being unreliable or "ghosting" isn't just annoying, it can impact our self-esteem and trust in future relationships. When entering a committed relationship after online dating for several years and experiencing all levels of ghosting, it can be difficult to not blame yourself and to become insecure about your partner abandoning you. 

Choice Overload

Choices are great and can feel empowering to have. While choices may feel essential to finding the perfect match, research suggests that more choices makes it more difficult to make a decision and makes people less satisfied with their choices. Have you ever been on a couple dates with someone and you feel positive about them but are unsure. You question if this is the right person for you and think about who else you have been talking to online recently and if they would be a better match. You find something you don't like about this person and quickly end the relationship and see what else is out there. 

Having endless options makes it difficult to commit and easy to end relationships at the first sign of trouble. 

Focus on Physical Appearance

Online dating applications put a high premium on physical appearance. People typically take 2 seconds to judge a profile picture before swiping right or left. It can feel dehumanizing and anxiety inducing. If you do not meet societal standards of attractiveness it can feel like the odds are against you and it is impossible to get a match. Even if you do meet societal standards of beauty it can make you hyperaware of your appearance and greatly impact your self-esteem. 

Online dating coaching can help eliminate the negative impacts of online dating and enjoy the abundance of opportunities to meet a forever life partner. Don't let modern dating scar you and burn you out., dating should feel fun and empowering!

Woman lying on her bed engaging in online dating. Don't let the online dating scene scare you. Learn to navigate the online dating world with online dating coaching in Denver, CO.

Common Modern Dating Terms



Ending a relationship without any communication. This may include unmatching and blocking so that all sources of communication are shut off without notice.



When a dating partner doesn't directly communicate with you, or ghosts you, but continues to watch and like your social media posts. 


Bread Crumbing: 


When a new dating partner slowly stops talking to you but doesn't end the relationship. It may feel like they are sending mix signals. Learn more about bread crumbing here.


Cuffing Season: 


Fall and winter time when people are more interested in starting relationships. Typically due to the holidays, colder weather, and societal encouragement to be partnered. This is typically a better time to try to date than summer time when people are less interested in commitment. 


Love Bombing:


A technique typically used by someone with a narcissistic personality disorder to create a strong connection quickly. Typically a person who is "love bombing" will display extreme amounts of love and affection early on. The may keep in constant contact, shower with compliments, talk about creating a future together, or say "I love you's" very early in the relationship. The goal of love bombing is to create an intense connection making it difficult to leave when other unhealthy or abusive behaviors emerge. 


Catfishing or Kittenfishing: 


When someone lies on their online dating profile. Catfishing may be used to con or dupe someone. Kittenfishing is typically smaller lies such as saying you are a couple inches taller or using pictures form 5 - 10 years ago. 




When a relationship is undefined. Typically you receive mixed messages on whether or not you are in a committed relationship or just casually dating. Often people who are people pleasers, avoid conflict, or are afraid of vulnerability end up in these types of relationships hoping it will turn into something more committed. 



When a dating partner disappears for weeks or months and then re-appears like nothing happened. 

Online Dating Coaching Services in Denver, Colorado


​Navigating the modern world of online dating can be overwhelming! At Lone Wolf our coaches offer online dating coaching services to help you connect with people in the healthiest way possible. Follow the steps below to begin your journey.

  1.  We encourage you to get to know a little bit about our c, their specializations, and credentials. Get to know our coaches here.

  2.  If you think online dating coaching would benefit you, reach out to us! You can use our convenient online therapy scheduling form found on our home page.

  3. Begin the journey to finding a healthy relationship online!


We hope to hear from you soon.


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