Denver Relationship and CouplesTherapists

Dr. Woolford is the owner of Lone Wolf. She works with individuals, couples and groups, helping them feel more connected to themselves and others. She specializes in dating/online dating, divorce/break-ups, couples and premarital therapy, trauma, sexual functioning, and anxiety and depression that often results from these difficulties. Clients she works with are often hoping to change their relationship patterns and build a community of support. Her rates are $165 for individual sessions and $190 for couples.

Dr. Brittany Woolford, Ph.D 

Licensed Psychologist 

Dr. Celeste Tinkoff
Dr. Tinkoff is a Post Doctoral Fellow at Lone Wolf. If you are struggling feeling worthy of love or in a cycle of bad relationships Dr. Tinkoff would be a great fit. Her authentic accepting approach to therapy will help you feel more comfortable and confident in your identity and provide guidance on how to create healthy loving relationships. She specializes in working with relationship concerns, issues with sexuality and gender, ethical non-monogamy, depression/anxiety, and generational trauma. As part of her fellowship she is being supervised by Dr. Mallaree Blake. Her rates are $150 for individual sessions and $170 for couples.

Dr. Celeste Tinkoff, PsyD

Psychologist Candidate 

Emma is a licensed therapist at Lone Wolf. She has worked in many diverse settings and applies her relational approach to structured interventions. With this, you will develop a strong relationship in therapy where you feel safe and heard and you will be given practical tools to help you understand your past and make changes towards a more fulfilling life. She specializes in working with clients on increasing sexual satisfaction in relationships, sex addiction, divorce, creating healthy relationships, and relationship/family trauma. Her rates are $135 for individual sessions and $150 for couples.

Emma Rosenblum, MA

Licensed  Professional Counselor

Our Philosophy

Most distress in our lives comes from disconnection with others and ourselves. We are often given the message that relationships are important but are never taught how to have healthy relationships. Our work will consist of creating a space where you feel equally supported and challenged. Together we will help you gain insight into how your past experiences shape who you are today and how they may be interfering with your ability to create the life and relationships you want.

The amazing part of working on creating healthier relationships is that there is no telling how far the ripple effect will reach, and who in your life it will impact. We work with individuals, couples and groups, helping them feel more connected to themselves and others. 



Our commitment is to value and advocate for each person we have the privilege of working with regardless of race, religion, relationship structure, sexual orientation, and gender expression. Through therapy together we strive to empower our clients to be their authentic selves and be comfortable naming their needs and boundaries in and out of therapy. We view therapy as a space where you will feel supported, connected, and challenged.