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Divorce and Break-up
Recovery Denver,CO

Lone woman smiling while walking outside. Divorce is a difficult life transition. Divorce counseling in Denver can help you navigate the process and come out the other side stronger than ever.

Therapy Through Relationship Transitions

When a relationship ends we grieve losing a person we love but also the life we had, the future we created, and the comfort  of having a teammate to manage life with. You may question what happened or feel like the relationship ending means that you are a failure or unlovable.

Therapy can provide a space where you can process what happened during the relationship and what was your partner's role and your role in the relationship coming to an end. We will explore how this relates to relationship patterns in previous relationships and your family and how to make sure it doesn't happen in your next relationship.

You do not have to go through this process alone. You can rely on an expert who understands the toll this can take and has witnessed how people can move on and find love again. 

Couples hands pulling away from each other. Moving on after a break up can be difficult. Breakup therapy can help you navigate this transition and process the feelings that come with it.

Divorce Counseling at Lone Wolf

You may be feeling crushing waves of grief and loss as you see the life you created and future you imagined disappear overnight. Whether you felt blindsided or struggled over making the decision for years, divorce can feel devastating. Not only are you having to cope with your feelings of loss around losing the person you chose to spend you life with, you also have to manage intricate legal formalities, finances, moving, and if you have children holding the pain and anger they may be experiencing.


Holding all of this at the same time can feel overwhelming. Most people who have gone through a divorce will say it was one of the most difficult things they have experienced. 

Often during the haze of the divorce process we don't give ourselves the space to check-in and truly grieve. After the dust starts to settle you might experience a new wave that may take you by surprise. During this time some people try to make themselves busy as a distraction while others may experience fatigue, numbness and depression. The finalization of the divorce often brings relief and sadness. 

Once you start to feel more adjusted to your new divorced life new challenges arise. This may be trying to date for the first time or managing difficult co-parenting situations. You gain distance and a better understanding of your past relationship and the pitfalls the two of you fell into. With therapy this is a time of great growth and insight, while still coping with the aftermath. 

Whether you are contemplating divorce, have filed, or have been divorced for sometime divorce counseling at Lone Wolf can be beneficial. You should not go through this process alone.


Therapy will provide a space for support while you navigate the difficult legal process, provide guidance and empathy while you reconfigure your relationship with your ex-spouse, and will help you figure out your next steps. You never want to go through this process again, so it is pivotal to gather support, heal, and learn.

Breakup Recovery at Lone Wolf

We are wired as humans to be connected to others. Our brain experiences loneliness and relationship loss as a threat to our life and reacts accordingly . This means feeling panic, anxiety, depression, and even physical pain. Our society often minimizes the pain associated with a breakup but this is not accurate at all. 

Due to it often being minimized you may feel like there is something wrong with you because you are deeply grieving this loss and can't "get over it" quickly like you see others doing. This is especially true if you were in a relationship with an unhealthy person.

When you are going through a breakup you may feel unlovable, broken, sad, confused, depressed, relieved, embarrassed or a combination of difficult emotions. It is difficult during this time to make healthy decisions and process your breakup in an accurate way. This is where therapy for breakups can be beneficial. Therapy can help you cope with the grief and loss and eventually help you understand why this relationship ended and move forward to find a new healthy loving relationship. 

It is completely normal and healthy to grieve a breakup, but you don't have to do this alone, or be stuck in your grief any longer than you need to be! Our therapists at Lone Wolf can help you heal and move on.


Therapy for Divorce and Breakups

Divorce and breakups are never easy. Not only are you dealing with feelings of loss and sadness, but oftentimes anger and resentment as well. It can be easy to fall into a toxic pattern of behavior as you navigate the breakup process, but our Denver, CO therapy practice is here to help you through this stage of life. We offer a safe place to process your emotions and understand what happened to the relationship. If you feel this could be beneficial to you read on to see what your next steps should be.


Divorce and Breakup Recovery in Denver, CO


  1.  We suggest reading our Blog Post, “Why is Divorce so Painful”, to gain insight into what feelings and emotions are perfectly normal to have during this difficult transition.

  2.  We encourage you to get to know a little bit about our therapists, their specializations, and credentials. Get to know our therapists here.

  3.  If you think Divorce and Breakup Recovery would be beneficial to you, reach out to us! You can use our online therapy scheduling form found on our home page.

  4.  Begin the process of understanding and recovering from the trauma of an ended relationship!


 Other Services Available in Denver, CO

Not only do our Denver, CO therapy services offer Therapy for Divorce and Breakups, but we also offer a wide variety of services for individuals at any relationship stage. We understand that no two relationships are the same and pride ourselves on providing caring, insightful and productive Relationship Counseling, Couples Counseling,  and Premarital Counseling as well. We also offer Self-Help Resources to help supplement your therapy or to better prepare for upcoming therapy sessions!               

Divorce Recovery Denver
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