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Gaining freedom from the lonely frustrating feeling of stuckness in your relationship and helping you reignite your passionate partnership 

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One of the most painful losses is losing the love you had with your forever partner. The relationship you cared for the most now makes you feel lonely, frustrated, and lost. You may find yourself saying " I loved this person so deeply, why can't we solve this?" You are not alone in feeling this! Long-term relationships and marriages require regular maintenance! 


 We have been taught the value of relationships in our life but rarely, if ever, are we provided instruction on creating and maintaining healthy relationships. You've made a deep commitment to another person with little guidance of how to fulfill this commitment! 


Our work together will facilitate a healthy connected relationship and create a team and true partnership between you and your significant other. You will be given empirically validated relationship assessments and together we can create a plan of how to effectively and thoroughly strengthen the relationship with your partner.

Common Topics Discussed in Couples Therapy at Lone Wolf Psychological Services

Conflict and Communication

Think back to you and your partner's recent arguments or disagreements. Is there a pattern? There often is! When we don't resolve past conflicts each conflict is the same cycle with a different topic. A common phrase we often use with couples is "it's never just about the dishes." Most conflicts are about your past relationships and your current relationship wounds you have sustained over the years. Thats why it doesn't feel like there is an easy fix.



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It can feel like your partner doesn't understand you at all or doesn't care enough about the relationship to resolve your issues. It may have gotten to the point that your disagreements are regularly explosive or you avoid them all together because you know it won't end well. Often in disagreements it feels like you both are speaking different languages and it can feel hopeless to try and communicate through them. 

 Couples counseling will identify your conflict pattern and help you two understand why you both react the way you do. We will help you slow down your arguments so that you feel heard and validated by your partner. Through this we will start to heal past conflicts and help make current disagreements more manageable. 

Sex and Loss of Connection

couples counseling for sexual issues

Not prioritizing sex and connection is one of the most common pitfalls couples fall into. This can lead to feeling like your partner or spouse is more of a roommate than romantic partner. You may feel unwanted, not prioritized, and drowning in the thought of how long this lack of passion will last. 

Often passion diminishes because you get swept up into life's tasks and forget that connection in relationships needs attention to thrive. You may be busy thinking about the laundry, bills, children, family conflict, work ect. and forget to make your relationship a priority. This is a vicious cycle because when you are not having quality time with you partner you are more likely to get into hurtful arguments, and then you are less motivated to spend quality time with them because of the recent hurtful argument. Even coming to couples counseling regularly starts to undo this cycle and build momentum towards reignited passion.

Common sexual functioning issues addressed in couples counseling are lack of sexual desire, mismatched libido, issues with orgasms and arousal, and lack of attraction. Sex can be a very sensitive subject and it can feel difficult to navigate with your partner in a productive way. Couples counseling can help understand and treat different sexual issues but most of all will help you better connect with your partner and increase the passion and satisfaction with your sex life!


An affair can shatter your view of the whole history of your relationship or marriage. It can feel like an impossible task to heal from this and feel safe and trusting of your partner or spouse. You may not even be at the place to want to attempt to trust your partner again let alone rebuild an intimate relationship. Feelings of confusion, hurt, anger, low self-esteem, and sadness often accompany the grief of a partner cheating. 


couples counseling for infidelity

Although affairs are painful and may take some time and work to recover from, our therapists at Lone Wolf are well equipped to help your relationship through this difficult time. In couples counseling you will have the space to heal and gain a better understanding of the affair and start to build trust and security with your partner. Through this process the goal is to leave couples counseling with your relationship feeling stronger than it has ever been. Infidelity doesn't have to mean the end of the relationship!


Every decision made around parenting from deciding to have a child, to navigating the terrible twos, to deciding when you should let your teenager drive can spark conflict in your marriage or relationship. Parenting can feel like an impossible job when your relationship is going well, let alone if you and your partner are struggling. It can feel very isolating navigating parenting when you don't feel like you and your partner are on the same team. 

Couples counseling can help you and your partner get on the same page and attack the challenges of parenting together. You will explore your values and goals of parenting and how to best achieve these for your family.

Couples counseling for parenting

Overall, the best parents are ones that prioritize their marriage or relationship. Our therapists at Lone Wolf will help you and your partner create a type of relationship you want your children to see and create for themselves in the future.  

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