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Dr. Celeste Tinkoff, PsyD

Born and raised in West Texas, my first years through middle childhood were faced with challenges. Though addiction, domestic violence, and insecure housing and childcare were difficult, also present was a single parent and extended family who modeled love, resilience and courage. During adolescence, losing a family member to mental health challenges changed my life forever. From then on, I knew that my passion for living, hope during pain, and faith in the future, was something I wanted to ensure that others can also experience and celebrate.



During undergrad at San Diego State University (SDSU) I began my journey in psychology, where I was grateful to discover my dedication and admiration of mental health and wellness. Continuing into a Masters degree in Child and Family Development at SDSU, I better understood the value and delicate importance of pre- and postnatal development, as well as the complexities of family systems and their impacts on how we develop as human beings. Earning my second Masters and Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology through Alliant International University at San Diego, I rediscovered the meaning of overcoming adversity while working with veterans, the unhoused community, and individuals facing family and/or intimate partner trauma, substance addiction, and severe and prevalent mental health issues. 



By the end of my educational journey, I had facilitated testing and research in cognitive assessment, working with Autism and Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder. I had provided care, psychotherapy, and case management in community mental health centers, daycare centers, crisis homes and transitional living residences, residential career training and educational programs (Job Corps), outpatient private practice, and college counseling centers. Presently, I have worked with adults, adolescents, children and infants, individuals, couples, families, and groups, as well as a wide range of personal and cultural identifiers and identity spectrums. Today, my professional practice focuses on trauma and identity development, as well as regaining control from psychological disorders and building healthy relationships. 



Simply, I am a human being who has been lucky and fortunate enough to not only find my own joy in this world, but to also assist others on their journey towards wellness, love, happiness, and peace. I embody this in my professional practice by always being a person first, and honoring my clients by being transparent, genuine, often quirky and humorous, humble, unconditionally compassionate, accepting, inclusive, warm and kind. My therapeutic style can be described as relational, interpersonal, cultural and collaborative. I incorporate Attachment, Psychodynamic, Developmental, Existential, Social Justice and Person-Focused theories. My approach focuses on the past relationships in your life, the current ones you have, the future ones you want, the relationship you and I are creating together, and how all parts are impacted and influenced by one another. I strive to provide an environment where you can feel safe and protected with zero judgment, as I support and assist your process of recovering from life’s adversities, while creating new meaning and values for yourself. Through trust, vulnerability, collaboration and authenticity, we can create growth, change, healing and fulfillment. 

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