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Haley Schuveiller, MA

I have always found the complexities of life and the human condition to be endlessly fascinating. Although I never saw myself becoming a therapist when I was young, I was often the confidant for friends, family, and loved ones. This role allowed me to gain insight into the patterns people find themselves in, along with the problems that develop because of these cycles.

While attending the University of Nevada, I found myself drawn to psychology because the concepts and ideas seemed to just “click” in my brain. So many perplexing issues suddenly made sense when I began to see life through a new lens. In the process, I found myself better understanding the world, and better understanding myself. While this growth often provided me a sense of joy and accomplishment, my pursuit of psychology also opened my eyes to the many social justice issues that impact our society. As a result, these issues directed me toward a path of seeking growth, change, and equity in our world. Therefore, I chose to complete my master’s degree in forensic psychology at the University of Denver, and now I am continuing my education as a doctoral-level candidate. Throughout my training and work experience, I have provided therapeutic services in a variety of clinical settings, including correctional facilities, disordered eating treatment centers, and several specialty private practices.


While I have found many inspirational insights throughout my life and education, what I have found most impactful is the knowledge that we all have choice, and with choice comes empowerment. My approach to therapy is centered on empowering my clients to see life as more than just something that happens to them. I believe that understanding how we can engage in change, even during times of hardship, is the key to understanding ourselves. As a therapist, I work to create a healing space where empowerment, self-discovery, and change can happen authentically.

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