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Kink and Non-Monogamy Friendly Therapy,
Denver CO

More than ever traditional relationship dynamics are changing. At Lone Wolf we create a space where you can feel comfortable exploring and seeking support for your alternative relationship dynamics. 

Kink and BDSM

Discussing intimacy and sexual activities can be very vulnerable. It is critical in these spaces to feel safe and not receive judgment. If you are well experienced and confident in your sexual preferences or new to exploring different needs and desires, therapy should be a space where you feel empowered and accepted in your exploration. At Lone Wolf, you can examine and share with confidence knowing our

therapists are kink-aware

Man and a woman kissing. Coming to a place of understanding your intimate desires and sexual needs can be extremely challenging. Kink and poly-friendly therapy in Denver, CO is here to help you navigate those feelings.

Kink-Aware Therapy

Are you new to intimacy exploration? Are you feeling bored or unfulfilled in your current sexual practices? it can be anxiety-provoking and exhilarating to step outside of your comfort zone in your sexual practices and lean into new desires. In kink-aware therapy, we will help you explore your intimacy preferences and fantasies and address any biases or shame that may come from past experiences or societal expectations. Once you feel comfortable with exploring, we will help guide you in how to communicate these newly discovered desires with others in a way that feels safe and comfortable.  

If you have already developed your kink identity and have been engaging in these relationship dynamics, kink-aware therapy can be a space to discuss and gain insight into how this avenue of self-expression reaches outside of intimacy and sex in your life. Having a kink-aware therapist also allows for discussing varying topics in therapy with a provider with whom you don't have to explain or justify your intimate practices. 

Non-Monogamy Relationship Counseling

Two men and a woman representing a non-monogamous relationship. Practicing a non-traditional relationship can come with its own set of unique challenges. Non-monogamy friendly therapy in Denver, CO understands there challenges and is here to help you navigate the unique relationship journey.

If you are just starting your journey into non-monogamy or have been practicing alternative relationship dynamics for some time it is important for you to feel understood and affirmed in your choices. It can be extremely frustrating to have to explain and justify your relationship choices in a setting where you should feel relief and empowerment. Our therapists at Lone Wolf understand and respect the intricacies of non-monogamy and can help you navigate the unique experiences that folks with different relationship structures can experience

Group of hands representing the different partners in a non-monogamous relationship. Society can place additional pressures on non-traditional relationships. Our non-monogamy friendly therapist in Denver, CO are here to support you in your relationship and offer guidance for moving forward.

Meaningful Identity Change

Starting to shift your perspective on monogamy and exploring your own relationship design can feel like a meaningful identity change. Seeking support in shifting this piece of your identity can be very beneficial. You are not alone in navigating this transition. This transition can have an added layer of complexity if you are currently in a monogamous relationship. Our therapists will help you communicate your relationship identity shift with your partner and help the two of you decide how to navigate the next stage of your relationship. 

While navigating different relationship dynamics your attachment system may be triggered in different ways. Non-monogamy relationship counseling can help you navigate communication, boundaries, jealousy, opening and closing the relationship, coming out, and creating relationship agreements. 

Types of Non-Monogamy Relationships 

Young Couples walking together. Kink and poly-friendly therapy in Denver, COcan help you navigate the special challenges you face in your non-traditional relationship in order to form stronger and more healthy bond with your partners.



Open to love in multiple forms with multiple partners. Typically if someone identifies as polygamous they have multiple attachment partners whom they are in committed relationships with. Polyamory is often about accepting love as it comes and not confining it to just the dyad format. 


Open Relationship:


People in an open relationship may have one committed partner and multiple casual sex partners. This relationship design traditionally centers around having one romantic partner and openness to outside sexual encounters. 

Ethical Non-Monogamy:


Practicing ethical non-monogamy in an open consensual way. This relationship design puts a strong emphasis on communication and openness so that all partners are aware and consenting. 



Involves committed couples consensually "swapping" partners specifically for sexual purposes. It can range from strangers at sex parties or clubs, to friends who have known each other for years. 

Relationship Anarchy:


Someone who identifies as a relationship anarchist typically is critical of the conventional cultural definition and expectations of relationships. Likely this person will challenge the view that certain relationships should be valued over other relationships. They may be resistant to creating rules and agreements and hold the value that love is abundant. 



Having both monogamy and non-monogamy aspects in your relationship. This can vary greatly from person to person. ​

Start Kink and Poly-Friendly Therapy in Denver, Colorado

We are here to help you on your journey to finding a deeper meaning in your relationships! If you find yourself in a non-traditional relationship, our kink and poly-friendly therapists at Lone Wolf Psychology can help you understand your unique relationship. Follow the steps below to get started.


  1.  We encourage you to get to know a little bit about our kink and poly-friendly therapists and their credentials. Get to know our therapists here.

  2.  If you think Kink and Poly-Friendly Therapy right is for you, reach out to us! You can use our convenient online therapy scheduling form found on our home page.

  3.  Begin the exciting journey of understanding your relationships to forge a lasting, healthy, and fulfilling relationship!


We hope to hear from you soon.


  Other Counseling Services in Denver, CO

Not only does our therapy practice in Denver offer Kink and Poly-Friendly Therapy, but we also offer a wide variety of services for every relationship stage. Each relationship is unique in its personal journey and we are here to provide, insightful and productive Relationship Counseling,  Divorce and Break-up Recovery Counseling, Couples Counseling, LGBTQ+ Counseling, Trauma Therapy, and  Premarital Counseling as well. We also offer Self-Help Resources to help supplement your therapy or to better prepare for upcoming therapy sessions!

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