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Maria Teresa Baldrich, MA

From a very young age, I knew I was interested in psychology. I loved meeting people and

talking to them for hours. Often when people asked me about my hobbies, I would respond,


“I’m not sure, I love talking to people.”


Nevertheless, I tried to resist becoming a therapist for a while.

While attending The Pennsylvania State University, I majored in a new major called Community

Environment and Development and minored in Italian Studies. I loved the idea of working with

people in a more community-focused way and tried to steer away from Psychology. However,

one day someone came to one of my classes to promote an opportunity to work in a crisis

hotline. I spent two years answering the phone for people who were in a crisis, from sexual

assault to psychosis to finding a shelter - I loved every bit of it.

I graduated in 2020 and was back at home with my parents. During that time, I spent hours and

hours trying to figure out what would be the ideal career for me. Not surprisingly, my dad

encouraged me to consider becoming a therapist. That led me to the University of Denver’s

doctoral program in Clinical Psychology (PsyD). The past two years, I’ve been able to work with

low-income folks, families, Spanish-speaking clients, attachment issues, gender and sexual

identity, psychosis, and more.

In therapy, the relationship I have with my clients is the most important thing. In my opinion,

creating that deep and caring relationship is how one heals in therapy, more than what technique

is used. I am challenging, but warm. I am direct with my clients about the patterns I notice and

hold space for the emotions that come up as one gets to know oneself more and more. It is a

privilege to get to know my clients in such a deep and personal way. I am deeply appreciative of

the relationships I’ve built, and I hope we can build the same healing relationship together.

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