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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy allows for a deeper reflection of your past, how it affects you present, and how to make changes for your future. If you are feeling stuck and are unsure of what to do, we can help find the path towards healing together.   ​

Individual therapy can address: relationships (romantic, platonic, and/or family), trauma, depression, anxiety, break-ups/divorce, and sexual functioning.

Premarital Counseling

Your relationship is important to you! You want to make sure it has the best foundation to thrive in the good times and be a source of strength and support in the difficult times. Seeking premarital or pre-commitment counseling has been shown to be vital in creating this and can reduce the rate of divorce by 30%! Let us help you gain the tools for a happy, healthy, relationship!

Relationship Coaching

Dating can be difficult. Whether it’s finding someone to date, starting a relationship, maintaining a relationship, meeting through friends/in person, or meeting online there are challenges and obstacles. Together we will help you navigate the difficulties of modern dating and create a long lasting, healthy, intimate relationship. All sessions are conducted via video or phone.

Couples Counseling

Couples counseling can help if you are feeling stuck in the same repeated conflict with your partner, want to strengthen your communication, feel like the intimacy and passion in your relationship needs to be reignited, and/or there have been wounds in your relationship that you want to heal. Attending couples counseling does not mean anything negative about your relationship, it means that you are seeking expert advice on how to strengthen something you deeply value.