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When Should I Start Premarital Counseling?

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Premarital or pre-commitment counseling is an essential part of a happy healthy long-term relationship. It has been shown to lessen rates of divorce by 30%! If you think premarital counseling may be a good fit for you and your partner, the next question you may ask yourself is when should we start? Let’s dive into the benefits of starting at different points in your relationship!

Before You Move in Together

Many couples now live together years before they get married. Marriage may not be an end goal for you and your partner or may not be a prospect for some time. Any couple who has lived together will tell you that it changes and challenges your relationship. It also makes breaking up more complicated and painful. It is a new level of commitment. This makes it a perfect time to start premarital counseling. You will discuss important topics and improve your communication. This will make for a smooth transition and puts you in a great position to dive into this next level of commitment.

Before You Are Engaged

You and your partner are excited and ready to think about getting engaged! This is a wonderful time to start premarital counseling. This will help you feel assured in your decision to get engaged and help you through the wedding planning process to come. It also allows for time to discuss and explore difficult topics prior to the pressure and commitment of a wedding ceremony. Whether it is you or your partner getting down on one knee, you will do so with confidence and excitement knowing you have many years of love ahead of you!

Before Wedding Ceremony

During the year or months leading up to your wedding ceremony there are many appointments, events, phone calls, family issues, and intense decision making surrounding your wedding planning. There isn’t much time to focus on your relationship, and that’s the whole point of the wedding! It is a stressful time, and this is when you need to be able to rely on your partner the most. With all the stress of planning the wedding, and little quality time for you and your partner, it is a recipe for arguments and disconnection. Attending premarital counseling while planning the wedding gives you and your partner space to focus on the two of you and celebrate your love and connection.

After You Are Married

What? Premarital counseling post wedding ceremony?! Yes! This can be a vital time to start premarital counseling. likely with all the time-consuming planning and costs of the wedding you weren’t able to participate in premarital counseling. Now that the chaos from the wedding has subsided you can focus on creating a lifetime of love. The first year of marriage is often the most stressful; having a trained counselor helping you with the road bumps during the first year can help you sail into your second year. It is not too late, and you do not need to be having problems to invest in your relationship after the wedding.

There are many points in your relationship where premarital counseling can be helpful! Figure out what timing works for your relationship and click the link below to schedule a free phone consultation to get your first session scheduled!


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