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Relationship Coaching

A happy couple stands smiling, facing each other representing the renewed connection they have after participating in Relationship Coaching in Denver, CO.

Relationships can feel impossible to navigate. Let us help be a support in finding long lasting love.

Relationship Coaching

Do you notice patterns in relationships you want to change? Do you feel lost about what goes wrong in relationships? Are you burned out on dating and fearful you will always be alone? Relationship coaching is designed to help provide guidance, support, and accountability. 

Feeling Stuck and Unloveable? Relationship Coaching Can Help!

Struggling with relationships can leave you feeling stuck and unloveable. That's where we step in! Our relationship experts help guide you through learning from your past experiences and provide direction toward creating healthy relationships. You are no longer alone in navigating the difficulties of gaining and maintaining lasting love

What Is Relationship Coaching

A lesbian couple embraces happily on the couch representing the strong bond created through Relationship Coaching in Denver, CO.

Relationship coaching is a directive approach to help you start new relationship habits. Our coaches will help you gain insight into your current relationship patterns and clear direction on how to make changes.

Healthy Relationships Are Vital

Healthy relationships are vital to creating a fulfilling life. Feeling stuck in a pattern of unhealthy relationships and loneliness can be devastating. It can feel like you are the only one struggling with connection and everyone else has the guidebook to creating lasting love. You are deserving of love and your past doesn't define your future prospects. 

Find A Relationship Coach You Can Trust


There are no requirements or licensing required for someone to call themselves a coach. This can lead to trusting coaches that are not qualified or trained in creating healthy relationships.

All of our coaches have a master's or doctorate in counseling. They have specialized training and certifications in relationships and couples counseling. This level of training and knowledge is uncommon in the coaching industry. 

This depth of relationship knowledge and training can help you gain perspective on your current relationship difficulties and a personally tailored plan of how to make changes moving forward. We provide individual coaching, group coaching, and self paced courses that best fit your needs.  

Individual Coaching

Are you single, in a relationship,  contemplating or going through a divorce? You may find yourself  wondering if you are just not meant to be in a relationship

Individual coaching will help you navigate how to create fulfilling loving relationships. You will receive advice, feedback on improving your interactions, and a teammate in deciphering what is healthy and unhealthy

Group Coaching

When trying to improve our relationships having a group of trusted people to provide feedback and support is the most effective approach! Group coaching will provide structured guided discussions along with free forum discussions on current relationship concerns. You will have a expert trained coach and other participants who have similar goals and values creating a community of support! 

Online Dating 

Online dating is the best way to meet dating partners and is also the biggest frustration for people trying to find love. Modern dating has new obstacles and our coaches have years of research and experience navigating these obstacles. You deserve to find love, let us guide your through the dating process, delete your apps, and help you find the one!

A young man stands atop a rock overlooking a valley contemplating his future relationship. Relationship Coaching in Denver, CO gives you the guidance to progress into the future.

"Therapy is great for learning about my past, but I want to focus on my future"

How is Coaching Different from Therapy

Often we hear that people have found therapy helpful to gain insight into their past, but then they never received any guidance on making changes moving forward. Coaching allows for more direct instruction and feedback on how to make changes in your relationships patterns, so that you can create and maintain healthy intimate relationships. 

Insight + Guidance + Problem Solving + Support + Accountability 

Our coaches have extensive training and experience working with individuals and couples on changing their negative relationship cycle. Attachment theory is used to help gain insight and direction. You will feel like you have someone on your team to help you make decisions while navigating difficult relationship dynamics. Your coach is someone who will be understanding and challenge you to be accountable towards your goals.  


Online Relationship Coaching in Denver, Colorado


​Navigating the modern world of relationships can be overwhelming! At Lone Wolf, our coaches offer Relationship Coaching services to help you connect with people in the healthiest way possible. Follow the steps below to begin your journey.

  1.  We encourage you to get to know a little bit about our coaches, their specializations, and their credentials. Get to know our coaches here.

  2.  If you think online dating coaching would benefit you, reach out to us! You can use our convenient online therapy scheduling form found on our home page.

  3. Begin the journey to building a strong relationship!


We hope to hear from you soon.


Other Counseling Services in Denver, CO


Not only does our therapy practice in Denver offer online dating coaching, but we also offer a wide variety of services at any relationship stage. Each relationship is unique in its personal journey and we are here to provide, insightful and productive Relationship Counseling,  Divorce and Break-up Recovery Counseling, Kink and Poly-Friendly Therapy, Attachment-Based Therapy, and Couples Counseling as well. We also offer Self-Help Resources to help supplement your therapy or to better prepare for upcoming therapy sessions!


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